Master Class

The HWFAO Master Class aims to bring highest-level performers together in a powerful collective, learning and sharing craft and intelligence. As a group, we’ll explore highly advanced, sometimes radical, extremely challenging, and always empowering elements of the work. Our journey through various techniques will deeply explore master level exercises, character development, script analysis, improvisation, and performance level work in all mediums, all in the service of excellence.

The course is lead-taught by Brad Milne along with HWFAO’s Special Guest Instructors. While working with some of the communities top artists, we will immerse in the highest levels of whys and hows of the craft. This is a very practical, higher-level learning environment designed to yield extraordinary results, and one that you can return to again and again to further deepen your craft. The class is open to actors, hosts, reporters, comedians, singers, public speakers, writers, filmmakers, and coaches.

Mission: To help our community build the ultimate acting craft toolkit.

$170.00/month for new HWFAO students
$144.00/month for new HWFAO students with current SAG, AFTRA or AEA membership
$119.00/month for HWFAO Alumni.

HWFAO Alumni: Former students that completed either one month of training, holiday camp, boot camp, or private coaching session.