Private Coaching

For all types of Private Coaching I breakdown all elements of your individual needs. Tailoring a custom program that’s suited to you, helping you make the strongest and most compelling choices for your acting or human communication scenario, bringing truth, true character and authenticity to your performance. Audition videos can be created upon request. Custom schedule and program to suit your needs.

Private Coaching

Intensive sessions include:
Customized Programs
Grounding Exercises
Script Analysis
Relationship Development
Character Development
Behavioral Development
Mock Camera Auditions
On-Set Coaching
All levels


$80.00/hr. Billed in 15 min units after first hour @ $20/15min.

$375.00/5 hr block ($75.00/hr)

$700.00/10 hr block ($70.00/hr)

45.00/hr for audition video service includes taping, editing and internet upload.