BOOK, aka A Book By Its Cover

Role: Michael
By The Book Films
Director: Brad Milne

The Ridiculous Department


Role: Rod West
Headmatik Productions
Director: Sasha Shemerani

Mystery ER

Role: Dr. John Ogalai
Director: Get his name

Chief surgeon.

Izzy Legit

Role: Izzy Mendelov
Branded Raw Films
Director: Andrew Giannetta

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

Role: Bub Humms
What company
Director: Who

Queen of the Jungle in B.H.

Role: Crystal
Production HQ for HBO
Director: Jay Lee

The SunScreenShow

Role: Creator/Host
The SunScreenShow examines the aging process from different aspects of day to day living.

Team Xtreme

Role: Team Member # 2
Director: Damian Lee
An elite task force of highly specialized mercenaries set in a backdrop of worldly locations where the team fights terrorism.

Painted Word

Role: Mr. O’Brien
Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Producer: Norman Jewison

Obrien interrupts Ted’s (George Segal) affair alluring Blossom (Sally Kirkland).

Hardy Boys “All That Glitters”

Role: August Feldman
Director: Jon Cassar

A remake of the classic mystery series.

Kids In The Hall “Age”


Role: Waiter
Director: John Blanchard

ENG “The Good Samaritan”

Role: Guy

Direcor: Stacy Curtis