SAFI Summer Remake 2011

San Antonio Film Institute
Director: Jose Benuelos

MediaPOINTE Performer

Branded Raw Films
Director: Andrew Giannetta

MediaPOINTE Artist Keycard

Director: Brad Milne

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises Art Auctions

Tax Inc. News

Producer: Haylee Holms
Director: Light Silver

Neurvana Products

Branded Raw Films
Director: Andrew Giannetta
Producer: Brad Milne

Learning Tree Video Series

Role: John Gary & Various
Director: Asbjorn Christiansen
Producer: Seven Pictures
A video series designed to assist trainers of Learning Tree with IT and management training.

Show Up

Milne Film
Director: Brad Milne

Human Conferencing

Role: Host
Director: Jeff Jack
Producer: Advanced Media Design
A complete media-conferencing tutorial and demonstration.