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A Tale of Xmas

Role: Santa
Director: L. Thomas Nador
Producers: Laszlo Rain.


Role: Sheriff Wilkinson
Writer-Director: Jeff Solema
Producers: HWFAA, Jeff Solema, Larry Sands


Role: J J Stark
Director: Joe Estevez
Producer: Ed Meyer

Baby Tears

Role: Dr. Jones
Director: Melissa Tracey Producer: Melissa Tracey.
Hospital polices spinning out of control while Dr. Jones struggles to maintain his integrity.

Izzy Legit

Role: Izzy Legit aka Isadore Mendelove
Writer-Director-Creator: Andrew Giannetta
Creator: Brad Milne
Executive Producers: Brad Milne & Andrew Giannetta

Zombie Strippers

Role: Dr. Chushfeld
Director: Jay Lee
Producers: SONY / Production HQ. Look out for this movie it will infect you! Chushfeld an eccentric megalomaniac runs “W” Industries with an agenda.

Dead in the Head

Role: Demon Jones – Complete Role Here
Writer-Director: Bob Carter
Executive Producers: Mitch Olbaum & Becky Bascom
Producer: Adam Green. Bounty hunters, Demon Jones and The Babe go to Catalina Island, finding the place full of zombies.

The Slaughter

Role: Carl Stevens
Writer-Director-DOP: Jay Lee
Executive Producer: Angela Lee Producers: Calvin Green, Judy T. Marceline, Michael J. Zampino
Stevens a greedy real estate mogul hires 6 fun loving college students to clean a property.


Role: Kemeo
Director: Dominic Ross
Producer: Gary Vaage
Free spirited and ill adjusted Kemeo, a self absorbed freak finds himself caught up in a romance with an unusually unhappy ending.

Street Monk

Role: Johnny Rivers
Director: Jalal Merhi
Producer: Film One
Rivers, main henchman to a Racketeer confronts Longstreet, who’s harboring Rivers precious cargo forcing him into hot pursuit.

The Winning Hand

Role: Mr. Carlson
Director: Jay Lee, Production HQ
Producer: Calvin Green

Carlson, a tough defense lawyer gets blind sided by 11th hour evidence.

September 31st

Role: Dr. Charles Vitti
Director: Troy Ryan Zuercher
Producer: Corina Marie
Vitti, a state appointed psychiatrist in the case of Franco Joseph O’Henry finds himself at the mercy of his patient.

M.A.D. Corp.

Role: John Gary


Role: Tony
Director: Jalal Merhi
Producer: Film One
Tony, an environmentalist mistakenly gets involved with terrorists, finding himself in a hostage rescue.

Expect To Die

Role: Tanner
Director: Jalal Merhi
Producer: Film One
Tanner a video game entrepreneur squares off with his chief programmer Vincent MacIntyre (David Bradley) who’s selling company‚Äôs secrets.

Tiger Claws II

Role: Detective Jones
Director: Steven Maunder
Producer: Film One
Jones, a Frisco detective is forced to work with renegade detectives duo smother his investigation to capture a serial killer.

Death Junction

Role: Eddie Vegas
Directors: Al Waxman & John Bradshaw
Producer: Film One & Brad Milne
Vegas, a small time mobster operating from his hip night club gets even after his right hand man is framed.

Iron Eagle IV

Role: Guard
Director: Sidney Furie
Producer: Norstar / Vidmar
The Guard has a short pivotal scene with Louis Gossette Jr.

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