“FEAR THY NEIGHBOR” Reveals what happens when a new homeowner unwittingly takes up residence within a stone’s throw of a psycho, or when evil minds decide to lay down roots right next door.



“LONELY” In a post apocalyptic aftermath, a serial killer struggles to create a relationship with his last victim.

“DICK JR.” As head of the Texas Department of Artistic Standardization, Dick Jr takes his job very seriously.



“SMUDGE” by Rachel Axler. “Milne gives Pete a frat boy energy that suits someone who says, “I wish we were still kids, so I could beat you up.” There’s a touch of bullying to it, but Pete’s affection for his brother is never in doubt, either.” Deborah Martin, Express News.



L.A. Manager: Brandon Kjar

CAN Agent: The George Agency

US Agent: Acclaim Talent